Shipping & Returns

We provide various shipping options to fit for the different demanding from the customers:

Air Parcel
That's the lowest cost shipment option where allow the cost to be minimized. The disadvantage is that the shipping time is longer. For example, the air parcel to USA, would need to be around 2 weeks where such air route is one of the most popular route in the world.

That's the most fast option, usually the shipment can arrive within 5 working days in most of the countries in the world. For the secure purpose, that option is also the most safe one where the shipment status can be updated online from their website respectively. And they are the door to door service.

Air Cargo
That shipment is usually for the high volume order where the weight of the shipment would be more than 100KG. For the products such as charger would usually use such option to minimize the shipping cost. Which is not the door to door service, the customer also need to pay for the domestic transportation for picking up the goods to the own domestic destination. Some of the air cargo company would provide the custom declaration service too.

That shipment option is the single biggest shipment option. In the world logistic, near 80% of the shipment are via the ocean. Mainly for the huge weight such as machine, metal stuffs raw materials, chemical stuffs etc. The disadvantage is slow needing much long of the time. IN one cargo, for example, 60% good are for company A, 20 are for company B, 15% are for the company C and your stuffs is 5%. If the company A not open the cargo yet, then, all of the rest 3 company cannot open it too. So, the customer would need to check and update the nest terms and conditions from their specific ocean logistic supplier.

Chat to our customer service for your best and lowest cost shipment option. In, we are pound of serving you.

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