Conditions of Use

We have the return policy for the customers who buy from us.

Our return policy includes the following guildlines:
1. The product are under the proper using wiht no abusing
2. The products are originally brand new from us with no using
3. If there is any arguing, please send us the photo for deciding if the products are udner the proper conditions.

The payment options from us:
We welcome for most of the payment options and most of the common currencies which can exchange from the bank or international airport.
1. Bank TT
2. Western union
3. Paypal
4. Cash on delivery
5. Travel cheque
6. Bank draft
7. Moneygram

For the paypal users:
Due to the new regulation update from paypal in 2011, where we cannot link the paypal account with the online store directly, please process your paypal payment manually with our customer service.
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